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The St. Joseph Corporate Educational Agency, Kottayam

Since the St. Joseph’s Corporate Educational Agency, Kottayam was established in 1992. Until then all schools under the CMI Congregation were under one roof of a single central Management known to be the Corporate Educational Agency of Carmelite Schools, Karikkamury, Kochi. The General Secretary for Education was the corporate Manager. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Poonolly CMI, the then Corporate Manager and General Secretary for Education, felt the need of dividing the central Management into four separate Corporate Educational Agencies solely for administrative convenience. On his request the Director of Public Instruction, Thiruvanathapuram accorded sanction for the division by his order No. D. Dis 86284/91/ET4/DPI dated 07-07-1992.

The New Educational Agencies came into existence are,

1. S H Corporate Educational Agency, Kalamassery

2. Devamatha Corporate Educational Agency, Thrissur

3. St. Joseph’s Corporate Educational Agency, Kottayam

4. St. Joseph’s Corporate Educational Agency, Thiruvananthapuram


Teacher's Training Programme

The core element of our educational institutions is the teaching staff. The CMI Congregation has placed great confidence in them and entrusted the sacred duty of creating a congenial Catholic atmosphere in which individuals can grow up to the full realization of their potential. The success or failures of a teacher depends on his/her vision, commitment, resourcefulness and professional competency. With this vision, regular orientation and updating training programmes are conducted for our teachers.

Sanjo Fest

The most colourful and spectacular day for the blossoming buds of St. Joseph’s is the Sanjo Fest. It is the Carnival as well as the Family Day of the St. Joseph’s. Students find some sort of relief from their tiresome classes and monotonous studies. The best artists of all kind from the various schools prove their true metal which provides them a handful of sweet memories that could be treasured for a lifetime. Being started in January 2000 more than 600 buds of all colours unveil their prathibha in every Fest. Cordial but tough competitions are held separately for the Kinder Garten, Kiddies, L. P., U. P., High School and Higher secondary Sections at the twin Chavara Public School and St. Vincent School Pala. Winners are honoured by awarding Individual and Sectional Trophies and Certificates. Rev. Fr. Jose Chittilappilly, the General Councilor for Education, inaugurated the Sanjo Fest 2007.

Navadarsan Camp

‘Navadarsan’ is four days training programme for the High school students from various schools under the management of St. Joseph’s Province, Kottayam of the CMI Congregation. ‘Navadarsan’ – ‘ a new vision’, started in the year 1996, strives every year to draw out the inborn talents of the students and hone them for their sound, bright personality. We are certain that this personality development programme will enable them to widen their horizon of life. We conduct different classes, workshops, activity oriented sessions, competitions, cultural events etc for the participants. We deals with self confidence, self image, goal setting, motivation, personality development, time management, memory techniques, communication skills, human relationship, study techniques, stress management, public speaking, etiquette and good manners, body language, self discipline, yoga, meditation etc. We also provide awareness programme on ‘movie’, ‘Kathakali’, ‘drama’, magic, ‘nadanpattu’, ‘koothu’, costumes etc. Camp fire and outing give extra sweetness and flavour to the ‘Navadarsan’.


A well equipped group of ‘SMART’ (Society of Motivation And Reflective Training) trainers of the Corporate under the leadership of Corporate Manager.

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